Spell to Send Someone Positive Energy

By | October 4, 2012

This spell is for someone who is wanting to send some positive energies to a friend or loved one. This spell is self less and good in nature so you can always expect good results. This is one of the times where doing good can bring happiness to not only your friend but into your life as well. Remembering the threefold law, whatever energies you send out you get back threefold. Come into this spell working with pure and honest intent to help your friend and watch the results.

What You’ll Need:Send Someone Positive Energy

  • a Amethyst crystal (Can be in the form of jewelry or cuff links if a crystal is too unconventional of a gift)
  • sage herbal incense
  • incense burner
  • a white candle
  • blessing oil

Spend sometime meditating and clearing your mind. Try not to think of your friend or anything else. Afterwards do a purification or aura cleansing ritual.

Cast your circle as your normally would. Charge your candle with the blessing oil and place it onto your altar. Place one drop of the blessing oil on each of your hand starting with your power hand. Rub your hands together and raise your power. Place the incense into your burner and meditate on the flame of the candle.

Take the crystal into your power hand and pass it over the smoke of the incense.  Do this three times.

Face towards your friends direction (map, assume, intuition). Hold the cystal out directly in front of you and say the following three times:

Oh Komodia I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] happiness

Oh Protogenia I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] success

Oh Aphrodite I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] love

Oh Abudantia I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] wealth

Oh Euphrosyne I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] joy

I thank you. So mote it be tonight.

This spell works for many reasons. You are giving your friend a gift of encouragement by simply being in their life and giving them the gift. The gift itself is wonderful and will return to you the same positive energies you sent out threefold. Spells like these are amazing. They really can bring a ton of happiness in your life because you are bringing joy into someone’s life. Like attracts like. I love this spell.

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7 thoughts on “Spell to Send Someone Positive Energy

  1. The Shepard

    Hello. I am fairly new to Wicca, though I’ve been studying it a long time. See, I’m only 13, and I can’t really do any extravagant spells (or at least spells with candles) because it would be too easy to notice and my family will think I’m trying to do something bad (they’re die hard Christians and I highly doubt theyd accept it) but the thing is my friend’s been really depressed lately and she’s been cutting and I’m so worried for her and I just want her to be happy again. Would their happen to be a simpler version of the spell that I could do?

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      Sorry to hear about your friend! You could simply meditate while seeing your friend happy and healthy. You cam do this as often as possible until you see results. But I wouldn’t put myself in a position where I feel responsible for my friends happiness.

  2. sakura mnemosyne

    hi i just wanna ask do you guys have some time reversal spells? i really wanted to try some i just hope it works…i’ll wait for your reply thanks

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      Sorry. I don’t have any yet. If anyone reading this has a time reversal spell they would like to submit please let me know.


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