Necromancy – What is Necromancy?

By | November 1, 2012

Necromancy is the magickal practice of communicating with the dead. It has been used as a form of divination. It has very close ties to voodoo and black magick.

The purpose is to communicate by bringing the dead person back as a ghost or apparition.  While Necromancy is related somewhat to shamanism, it is held in high regard as shamanism has been. This is mainly because while shamanism tries to call upon the spirits of ancestors and necromancy is done by voodoo and those who dabble or practice the black arts. (Black Magick) People who practice necromancy are called necromancers. This is very controversial to say the least. Some people believe there is nothing wrong with communicating with the dead for useful information. It really is one of those things that need to be decided by the person whether or not they want to include the practice into there path. Find out more on the history of Necromancy.

NecromancyNecromancy – Is it Safe?

Necromancy literally means “corpse divination’. So there are some who argue that this should not be a taboo practice in magick and witchcraft. Necromancy is one of the earliest forms of magick. A large part of our earliest religions had or has root with communicating with our ancestors. The difference between general communication with the dead and necromancy are many. Necromancers often don’t care about the willingness of the soul; they just care about obtaining the information. The freewill of the departed is not a factor to them which goes against white magick practices on the freewill of people, spirits and things.

If you are wondering if you can be a necromancer, or want to know whether not it is safe then honestly you have no business attempting anything with the dead. Necromancers know the consequences of their actions. Because I am not an necromancer I cannot answer that question for you, but the warning is still there. Be careful what you wish for because those who dabble will pay the piper.

Classic necromancers used the blood and corpses of the dead. As most cultures have customs that forbid disturbing the dead, necromancy has been marked as taboo. This is why it is universally condemned and considered as black magick. If you want to know more, try reading the truth about necromancy.

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Necromancy – Spells, Witchcraft and Magick

Necromancy spells usually include something to bridge the connection from the necromancer to the departed. This bridge can be anything from grave mold, fingernails, the actual corpse, bones, hair or anything else connected to the departed.

Throughout time women also practiced necromancy. These women were usually called witches. Witches generally do not practice necromancy in magick. Necromancy is really a very specific type of magick and really rarely has anything to do with modern pagans or wiccans.

Necromancy Spell

This is a spell to speak with the dead. It is said that this spell will allow you to ask the dead one question. I haven’t tried this spell and I don’t think I will. I am putting it on this website for your study but be wise and only use this spell if you are confident in your abilities.

What you will need for the spell:

  • one white taper candle
  • a picture or personal belonging of the ancestor you wish to commune with
  • lavender oil

Make proper preparations and charge and bless your candle with the lavender oil. Light the candle and meditate on the flame for a bit. Look at the picture of the ancestor or hold the personal belonging while saying this chant.

“Once here, now no more”

“But knowledge is forever in our core”

“Loving ancestor come to me”

“And answer this question 3 by 3”

Ask the question and meditate on the flame until you get your answer. If you don’t get you answer by the time the flame burns out then you can blow out the candle while imagining the smoke carrying your question to the ancestor. End the spell by saying “As I will it, so mote it be” and then go to sleep with the picture/token of the deceased.

You will receive the answer by the dream or another encounter with the ancestor.

8 thoughts on “Necromancy – What is Necromancy?

  1. Charlie

    Can I summon a corpse to fight for me? What about multiple corpses? I need an army, robots are too expensive and people cannot be convinced.

  2. Michael

    It is safe, ONLY as long as you stay focused. Lose focus, lose attention for a single iota, then you have basically cast your lot. And yes, it can take a terrible toll on the practioner. It is best, to be used only by the adepts. They have the training and mind power to control all aspects in the enviroment.

  3. Austin

    Hmm, interesting, could be useful indeed, don’t see how it’s that evil if you’re just asking a question though.. Guess i can use this for learning something..

  4. Peyton

    Hi, I’m Wiccan but recently been studding up on the Dark side as I feel we need to know both the white side and dark side of things as it’s necessary for balance and for healing. If we don’t know about it how can we fight against it, if needs be! “harm none, do as ye will” Will always remain with me and would never do anything to harm another. I just wanted to say that I don’t find that spell to be dark to be honest as we are connecting with spirits, the lord & lady, our guides & the elements on a daily basics. I feel it would be safe to do that! I’m not sure if the candle should be white or purple, something for me to mediate upon. that’s if I was to ever do it, don’t think I should. If it meant to do something with a corpse then that would be sick & twisted & I must defiantly would not! What I’m saying is I think people should be carful but that spell is fine to me, others can disagree but I don’t feel it goes against Wicca.
    Blessed be

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      Hey Peyton! You have a really pretty name :)

      I can see what you mean about learning both but I kinda disagree. I think all you should focus on is the good. But sometimes we our magick may become ‘gray’ magick because of our intentions…

      I don’t think this spell is necessarily dark either but it shouldn’t be attempted by just any one because you might be opening the door to the beyond and inviting spirits that aren’t nice.

      My advice for anyone who is learning dark magick and are experimenting with it is this:

      COME PREPARED. This means multiple different things to making sure you are healthy and ready and your strength of mind is secure.

      Consider using a cleansing or purification spell before and/or after you attempt different types of magick. Take the Goddess with you and rebuke unwanted spirits.

      Be SAFE. I would just be devastated if one of my babies (you all) went down the wrong path.

      I’ll try my best to offer more information and more details.

      Thanks so much for coming by! And thanks for this informative comment! Blessed Be!

      1. Meena Hewett

        But I kind of agree with her . . . see I come from a line of blood witches and have recently learned that I am adopted. I don’t know my parents, or if they are still alive. I have a great capability, yet I am young. 12, to be exact. I came about Wicca by mere chance, and am taking a course online called magicka school. I know I have dark magick in my blood because I can feel it. I have no desire for power, or anything like that but I can feel the darkness. Only one person knows about me. I don’t even think my adoptive mother does. I have been told that to be a great witch who is against the dark and the evil, you must know what you are up against. I also have some doubts though, there are things on your website about “becoming a fairy” and things of that sort. I am just alone, and I need help and guidance. I have no mentor or anything of the sort, and I don’t know anyone else who is Wiccan like me. I don’t know where to look, and who to look for. Please tell me where I could start looking. Blessed Be, Meena Hewett

        1. Great Wiccan

          Hey! What so you mean by “I don’t know anyone else who is Wiccan”?! This website is full of Wiccans, and your mentor is us! Don’t worry. :)


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