Spell to Make Someone Think of You

This a spell to make someone think you. This spell is best done on a Wednesday during the waxing moon. If the full moon falls on a Wednesday this spell will be even more potent and effective. This spell seems to work well for most people who try it. I have not tried this spell personally, but as always will try to answer your questions as best I can. :)

What You’ll Need:

  • red candle (if you don’t have a red candle a white one will do)
  • cherry incense blend
  • picture of the person (if you don’t have a picture of the person and can’t get access to one, write the persons name on a white slip of paper and while looking at the paper visualize the person with clarity, and intense focus.

On Wednesday night at 11pm charge you candle with your intentions. Imagine the person thinking of you non stop, during the day, and at night. Imagine them seeing you in their dreams (you might want to send them a message). Imagine them thinking of you while at school and work. See them noticeably distracted. See their thoughts of you swimming in their heads. Tell them what you want them to think.

Light the incense and the red candle. Lie on the floor and imagine yourself going into their brain. Imagine yourself as them thinking the thoughts. You are placing these thoughts into their head.  If you are doing this correctly you will feel a tingling sensation in your head. This is your connection. Hold the picture of the person and say the following:

“Lady and Love, Hand in Hand

Your thoughts are in my command

In all you do and all you see

Only and Always think of me”

Place the picture of the person under the burning red candle. Afterwards spend sometime meditating on the thoughts you want in there head playing over and over like a recorder. If you can do this until the candle burns out then fine. You may want to sit the candle by your bed and meditate on the persons thoughts until you fall asleep.

The person should not only start to think of you constantly but will also dream of you!

61 Responses to “Spell to Make Someone Think of You”

  1. Douglas says:

    What does it mean by charge your candle

  2. MissyMiss says:

    I performed this spell last night and I felt my heart beating FAST AND HARD as I was meditating, but them something happened at the very end – the picture caught on fire. I was using a molded star ritual candle holder I got from a popular spiritual supplies site so admittedly that wasn’t the best choice. I’ve only performed this spell one other time and that time too I felt my heart beating faster and hard, but the picture had nothing but a little but of wax on it. But this time it went up in flames…Anyway, I looked online to see if there was any hidden meaning to that, but found nothing. Should I be worried?

    • MissyMiss says:

      I should also add that both times during the ritual the flame was very high and steady which I have read means it is working (according to tradition)

  3. Kimmie says:

    I don’t want to infringe too heavily upon someone’s thoughts so I changed up the wording to make it less demanding.

    Do you see this spell as having as many negative or controlling impacts as the love spells?

    • Love spells are complicated energies. I don’t see this spell as being negative.

      • lovelyluck says:

        Hi lady Raven, I was wondering if I could tell you a small bit of my specific story and then you could tell me which spell would be best for my situation? Do you have an email I could email you at? Please ny guidance would be great! :)

        • Thank you!

          TBH I don’t really personally recommend spells.I would suggest looking over the love spells or looking through the book of shadows. Read a few and then meditate on it. The RIGHT spell will pop out to you, like it was sent or written just for you. Get in touch with your intuition and own your power!

  4. Adrianis says:

    Apple insence is a happy substitute. And the way you burn cherry bark is by using a coal. you can usually pick those up at any smoke shop that also sell seesha.

  5. Kate says:

    This spell worked well for me. Just make sure you consecrate and charge your tools. I did this spell once without doing these things. Didn’t work. Once I slowed down, did the steps and truly filled my area with good energy it worked within hours. My ex asked to come over and had the best night of my life.

  6. MIVA says:

    To all the people who have problem with the incense.

    Did you even begin to wonder WHY cherry is used? Wicca is all about symbolism, you should know if you want to try a love related spell! Check the meaning of that incense and those with similar meaning are likely to work just as well! I personally am planning to use Rose or Lavender despite having the Rose incense… simply because cherry incense is artificial, while the other two are not. Therefore I feel it might work better this way.

  7. Angela says:

    Is there anything that can substitute the cherry inscense?

  8. cherry says:

    can I cast this spell and another love spell on the same day?

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