Lost and Found Spell # 1

By | October 10, 2012

If you own you own home, or just live in one, you may find this spell very useful. This is a really great and totally useful lost and found spell. I am constantly loosing my keys, cell phone, wallet, important documents and more.This is a great lost and found spell. This post actually contains to lost and found spells. One lost and found spell is from Charmed, a TV show.

So a friend of mine named Korsha Moon Mountain, forwarded me this very useful and easy to remember finding chant. Since using this well known lost and found spell, I literally don’t like have to worry about losing something important to me. It works well in a bind, and if you are like me and loose something you just put down then add this spell to your book of shadows!

Lost and Found Spell

When you find you self in a bind and looking to find something that was lost to you, relax and repeat this simple (but effective) chant!Lost and Found Spell

“Mother Goddess, I am too weak,

To remember the lost things I seek,

Help me locate what I have lost

I have looked and pondered and thought,

Bring me my item I so desperately need,

as I will it so mote it be.”

Simple little chant for finding things both BIG and small. So go out there and find something now! This lost and found spell is different than the one that appears on the television show Charmed. That chant is different. It goes like this:

charmed lost and found spell

Charmed lost and found spell

“Guiding Angels,
I ask your charity,
lend me your focus and your clarity,
Bring me to the (name of what is lost) at this time,
Restoring me that and my peace of mind.
With harm to none,
This spell be done.
Let it be not reversed,
Or placed unto me as any curse.
May all astrological correspondences
Be correct for this working.
As I will it,
so mote it be.”

I actually tried this spell when Korsha first forwarded it to me, and found $5 dollars in a old coat jacket! Not much… but enough to buy me some coffee.

It also makes a great addition to your online or offline book of shadows.

Another variation of this spell includes making a cinnamon broom and saying the chant while making a sweeping motion with a white candle lit. That version of this simple spell works really well, and if I am looking for a really important item, I often take the time to work the lengthier version of the finding spell.

7 thoughts on “Lost and Found Spell # 1

  1. Julia

    My daughter borrowed my hard drive containing all my photos including the birth of my children etc. It is now lost and I am devastated.
    I believe I need help in locating it but unsure how to go about getting the help.

  2. malene

    Wow! I’ve used the first spell twice after not being able to find something, even after looking EVERYWHERE around the house for hours. And after using the spell, i’ve found what I had lost within a couple of minutes! amazing :-)

  3. Ivetteliz Rodriquez

    I want to have a spell to find my t-mobile cell phone for what I am looking for all this time

  4. Constance

    How long will this spell take? I lost my iPod and so stressed!!!?


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