Green Candle Money Spell

By | March 27, 2013
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Green Candle Money Spell

Green Candle Money Spell

Yo I got this green candle money spell forum an old yahoo group.We don’t have to many of the older groups of witches on the web any more, but luckily I was able to have saved a ton of these spells for personal use. I recently found my very first computer and was able to savage hundreds of spells from the long forgotten web. These spells are completely unique and I am glad to be able to publish them here. Try this green candle money spell on a Thursday (full moon if possible). So here is the best green candle money spells on the web. Leave a comment and let me know if it works for you.

How to do a Green Candle Money Spell

What you will need:

  • 1 green candle
  • 6 coins (gold, copper or silver)
  • green cloth or pouch (or gold cloth will do!)
  • cinnamon

Prepare your alter. Make sure you cleanse and prepare yourself mentally. Maybe spend a few moments meditating on the thing you want to manifest. Charge you candle. It is essential for this green candle money spell to work that you really want it to. Place the six coins in a complete circle around the money spell. As you place the coins around the candles really expect the money as if it is already there and you are so grateful for it. As you light the candle prepare yourself for the spell mentally. When the candle is lit say the following chant three times:

“Money does flow”

“Money will grow”

“My Money does shine”

“This Money is now mine”

Lay out your cloth or pouch. Sprinkle your cloth or pouch with the cinnamon. While picking up each coin say this following chant three times:

“Bring me money 3 x 3”

“As I will it, so mote it be”

You can keep the pouch with you for a while or use it as a money charm. I carry the pouch on my person for a while and imagine receiving the money. Sometimes I will do money manifestations in the morning after I wake up and at night while I drift to sleep. (I just go with the wu-wei, sometimes I don’t need to put the extra effort in) This green candle money spell is really one of my favorites. I think you will get some really success with this spell.

12 thoughts on “Green Candle Money Spell

  1. Elizabeth

    Great Spell – Thank You. Take Care and Brightest Blessings to you!!! Sincerely, Elizabeth

  2. Tiffany m

    What do you mean prepare my alter what is that I’m new to this and really want to know???? I’m having alot of financial problems

  3. Ssenki moon

    Iam too hapy 4 finding this site.i like da spell n will try it out. But how do i get da banish debt spell herbs?

  4. Iris

    Hi!! This is a fabulous site. Very informative and a treasure of spells.. Please keep on adding new spells to help us.. Thanks..

  5. Rachel

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this spell! Its great!

  6. Bernice Keet

    Hi, I’m a scholar, and I’m not doing good enough to take care of myself one day. Do you maybe have any spells to help improve my mind for studying? Maybe to improve my marks?


  7. nonso emmanuel

    hello! i want to have magic power , can you help me to obtain powers and can you please teach me how to. can you send me book of shadom and magick power to my post address in nigeria!

    1. Iris

      You dont have to ask for magic power. You have it inside you.

  8. Morningstar

    Love the sight and will be trying your money spell tonight ,its a full moon and though not a thursday hope it helps,is different then mine so lets try .

    1. Raven Moon Post author

      This spell has worked for me on Thursdays with out the full moon and on the full moon without a Thursday. So modify as you see fit, and thanks for the compliment on the site. :)


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