Everything Under The Moon Money Spell

This Full Moon Money Spell was submitted to me by a good friend who I actually met on twitter. (Follow me! @BallisticJW). I love full moon spells because they are extremely effective and you can feel the energy flowing through you.

As suggested by the title you should do this spell during the full moon. Wiccan spells done during the full moon are done during a time where your magic is at its full potential. Spells done around this time will have a positive result.  The full moon is a romantic and powerful time, but since it only occurs one night out of the whole lunar rotation or lunar cycle it can be hard to do a spell on that specific day. Most people contend and maintain that you can full moon spells up to 2 days before and the full moon.

Full Moon Money Spell, done during the full moon, preferably on a Thursday night, but this of course is not always possible. Full moon spells are known for their effectiveness so prepare for wealth! Although it is preferable with this spell to do it on a full moon night, its not a must. Sometimes it is hard to work your whole schedule around one spell, so don’t stress to much if the spell has to be on a new moon or a waxing moon.

Money spells are always fun but sometimes can be depressing if you need money instantly for bills or other money emergencies. If you are feeling defeated, burnt out, desperate then don’t do the spell. This will hinder you more than it will propel you forward. You should be in the right mind to do effective magick.

Try meditating to get your mind off of the money problems or wants. Holding in the need for money isn’t going to bring it to you any sooner. You need to be able to release the energy, not worry about the problem, and trust that everything will work out the way you want it too.

The Full Moon Money Spell

To do this Full Moon Spell you will need, a cauldron, water, and silver coins. Optional are candles, one white, and one green. Fill your cauldron half full of water and drop a silver coin quarters work best if you only have American money into it. Position the cauldron near a window or someplace it can get moonlight. Glide you hand over the surface of the cauldron and symbolically gather the Moon’s silver.

As you do this chant:

Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver and gold. All you give, my purse can hold.”

Repeat this three times.

Leave the bowl in the moonlight for the night. The next morning pour the water into the earth. (not the coins).

This is a great and effective full moon money spell. Did this spell work for you? Leave a comment below and let me know how it worked for you. I hoped you enjoyed this spell make sure you check out our other free magick spells.

Rewritten by Raven Moon for Just Wicca Credit: Everything Under The Moon



  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for this!

    I did it late last night and I already feel the magic happening! I got a call from one of my favorite clients (I’m a Realtor) they are thinking of either selling or renting out their loft. Of course nothing is for certain, but they called me and so I have the potential!

    Also, I just thought of this…I had breakfast with an associate of mine that I’ve been working with and helped her while she was out of town for a few weeks. Anyhow, she was to pay me $250 for some showings I did…and she decided to give me $500 instead! Magical! I’m so grateful! Thanks again!

  2. says

    The moon is waxing now and i believe full on the 6th Feb, I will be doing this spell and have great faith that it will work for me, wish me luck )0( blessings

  3. Dada98 says

    I was wondering if I could use a Dutch oven rather than a cauldron, I am Australian and live in a small country town so there are no cauldrons here…?

  4. Anumaarit says

    Dear Lady Raven Moon,
    Dear all,

    Thank you for the spell. I am new to Wicca – one of my good friends is a high priestess though but I only feel confident enough to be one of us now and learn more. This site is great for learning.

    I cast this spell today. I have slightly modified it and the silver and gold colored coin taken from my right pocket will bathe both day and night. I made cinnamon, sugar, sea salt and clove water to bless myself and my purse and my home to bathe the coin. This felt right.

    I’ll let you know if this works as I did this on a Thursday and will try again at next full moon if it doesn’t. Your site is full of balanced wisdom, thank you for it.

    Much love,

  5. christy says

    Tonights the fullmoon..I’m just wondering if its ok to use a cooking pot?and is making a circle with candles optional?because I’m not to sure how to make a circle and close it?I’m familiar with spells,but this ones sounds great:)

  6. Tess says

    I did the spell a few weeks ago. And after a few days I received a bonus from my employer which was a pleasant surprise. I was so happy. I really do believe in this very simple but really effective money spell. I will do it again on the next full moon. Thanks Wicca.

  7. Dita says

    Just wanted to say that I did this spell last night and it was so beautiful,it had been cloudy but right when I headed out, the lovely moon broke through! My cauldron was dry in the morning as well, and when I went to the bank I got offered a 1000.00 extension on my line of credit!!!

      • Jennifer says

        I did this spell during full moon in October/2014, & I’m a beginner. I was a bit clumsy, but I cast a circle around my altar (which is set up inside & during the magick part, I went outside & performed this spell, after which I closed the circle & ended full moon ritual.My partner is getting close to $17,000.00 for a listing on his deceased mom’s property. When he heard they got an offer, he said “your Wiccan money spell must have worked”. In addition, I just received a check today from my car loan I paid back, they issued a refund check to me for almost $300.It was nice because I didn’t think I would ever get my money back. I also now have steady work, therefore steady income. I believe it worked, thank you.

        • says

          It wasn’t the spell Jen. It was YOU. YOU manifested the money into you life. YOU did it but we humans sometimes need tools in order for us to create what we want because we don’t believe in our power. Congrats… I can’t wait to see how you will use your power.

      • christy says

        Hi :)i was wondering do i leave the quarters inside the cauldron after i throw the water on the ground? I just want to do this right,sorry fo so many questions,where can i get a cauldron?i live in a small town…thank u lady raven:)

  8. Vanessa says

    I did this spell tonight under the blood moon but I repeated the chant more than 3 times…will that affect the outcome?

  9. aquagirl says

    I want to do this spell to night and I can’t really leave my cauldron outside can I do the spell outside and bring it inside or do I have to leave it out over night. All answers will be helpful.

  10. Alicia says

    I will be trying the spell on April 15th, full moon. I hope it works!! I have fell behind on a lot of bills and my weekly check hardly covers them. So hard to keep up with the cost of living!!

  11. Vanessa says

    It works for me twice now. I do it on the full moon and during the waning moon phases. I noticed that it magnifies whatever we desire the most. I like having free stuff and enjoying things without paying for them thus saving money and that is what I get all the time when I use this spell. Effective usually the next day.

  12. renee says

    Just performed this tonight! I felt really good deep down :) the moon is shining so perfectly in my pot outside! I just know everything is going to work out!

  13. Jennifer says

    Wow! I just completed this spell during a harvest moon. The moon is so bright it’s casting a shadow on my cauldron. The night just felt so magical. I really hope this works :)

  14. Kathleen says

    Lady Raven.
    I done the spell on the Thursday full moon last night. I had to hold the cauldron with my hand to face the light of the moon. I used two pure silver fifty cent pieces and filled the cauldron up half way with water. I left it outside like the spell said to do, and this morning when I went to get the silver pieces before I went to work they were there shining like brand new but there wasn’t a drop of water. I leaned the cauldron so the light of the full moon was shining on the silver all night. Nothing could have drank all the water and not moved the cauldron. It would have tipped over or fell flat. I feel like I’m going to bust with energy and don’t know what to do.

  15. BABES says

    Today is full Moon & I want to do this Spell, Cn u please tell me if I can use coin & water from a river as it is nt raining actually. I can’t undersand what is Quarter silver coin? Pls advice

  16. Carrie Holt says

    I did this spell tonight I feel very good about it an I will let you know the outcome. I am so very happy I found this one. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

  17. Chrisi says

    I did this spell the other night and I’m looking forward to increased abundance. However, the morning after doing the spell, I went to take the remaining water outside. I noticed something odd and wonder if you have any explanation for it…I filled my cauldron half full, but in the morning it was nearly empty! Our house is not dry; pets couldn’t have gotten to it; and we don’t experience such evaporation with dog water bowl or half-finished glasses of water, etc. Is this common? Is there any meaning behind it? Thanks!


  18. chrisi says

    Thank you for providing a easy-to-follow spell for beginners like me! I did this last night and was shocked this morning to see most of the water was gone from my cauldron (medium sized handmade bowl)…is this normal? I started with about 2 cups and ended with about 1/2 cup. It’s not like our house is dry or that animals got into the water. Just curious as to why this happened and if it’s happened to anyone else. Looking forward to more financial abundance in my life soon :)

  19. Saprenna says

    I just added you on Facebook and wanted to add my comment. I have done this spell before. It has worked for me in the past. I always used a nickel (I think the original spell I read about said to do this). I only found you because I can’t find the book that the original spell was in and I googled full moon money spells. I like this spell because it is so simple and doesn’t require the building of a circle and such. It’s good for a beginner. I tried it tonight with four quarters from my “emergency change” bag. I’ll let you know if it works any better than before. I also never saved the coins I used before…. I’m gonna save these!

  20. Strangebird says

    I’m repeatedly amazed at how well this spell has worked for me. I have mixed up just a bit, though.

  21. ed62 says

    I did the spell on the 24th June which was our full moon here in the uk, the moon was bright and I energised the jar with coins in. Since than things are starting to go wrong, like the water tank burst, breakdown service took an annual membership fee out of my account which should not have done and now awaiting a refund, the kitchen ceiling has to be replaced due to water damage from the tank, what next I ask myself. Have I done this spell right>? look forward to hearing from you.

    • Yoona says

      I checked on my app, and unless it’s wrong you did the spell one day after the full moon, during the waning moon phase. I’m kinda new to it as well, but I’ve been studying some symbols and found out that the waning phase is for “banishing” spells while waxing phase is more for gaining spells… it’s seems more likely also because many of those spells require you to start during the waxing phase, a few days before the full moon… and END it at the full moon. Of course I might be wrong, it’s just my logical guess and I’d still like to know an opinion of Lady Raven herself…

  22. Pandora says

    Am going to use this spell tonight, the night before the full moon (it’s super bright!). Solstice was last night and I’m in my Jupiter power phase; I feel very positive energy running through me and I believe this is the night to cast my spell. Have entered a contest to be drawn for next month, and in the meantime I am trying actively to expand my business into new territory. I will keep you posted – thank you for this simple but meaningful spell!

  23. Shelly says

    I very new to Wicca and need alot of help and guidance. My husband is unable to find work, he had his own firm and projects are far and few between. I am working so much to make ends meet and don’t get to see my boys very much and I am so sad! :( I miss them and I am so tired!
    He needs a good paying job and i am so tired of struggling. Please help me!
    Thank you in advanced. Blessed be!

  24. Valecia Martin says

    I have never tried this spell b4. In fact I’ve never tried any spell b4. After reading it I ran to the calender to see when the next full moon is. Its tonite. I’m so excited. My family and I have truly been having a hard time and I believe that this will help. Just with the anticipation of tonite I’m already starting to feel some relief. Thank you I’ll keep you posted. :)

  25. Mindy says

    Is there a simple way to close the spell when I’m done?
    I have done this spell three moons in a row and have had so much success:) I have received multiple bonuses from work and found a check I didn’t even know I had for $200.00 and everywhere I go I get offered free or discounted things!! I love this spell and am so blessed that I found you, Raven Moon.
    The reason I ask about closing the spell is that I feel like every time I do a spell spirits make them selves at home. I cleanses my house every time. How do I do the spell without having this happen?
    Again thank you so much!! This spell works!!

  26. Ndubuisi says

    Dear good day to you, please I want to know if I can use a glass plate instead of a cauldron for the full moon money spell.

  27. Rio says

    I wish to do this spell but I have no Silver, Would I be able to use a Tungsten Ring instead? What would I be able to use instead of Candles as My Apartment won’t allow them near by?

  28. Aurora says

    This was my first spell and it was amazing! Thank you so much! The moment the coin went in, I could feel energy. I am truly grateful. I hope it does work as I’ve done this for my Dad. Thank you.

  29. Linda says

    Is it ok to do one spell say like a money spell over 2 nights, so 2 different money spells one on the full moon and another one the night after?

  30. linda says

    What is your facebook name I can’t find u.
    Im doing this spell tonight here in Perth Australia as full moon is tonight.

  31. Alison says

    Hello, I just wanted to thank you for sharing this knowledge. I did this spell last month and it brought me much wealth. I am in a sales position, and my numbers tripled, and I also won some gift cards at work. This has been a tremendous blessing. I do have a question though. I am getting ready to do the spell again for this full moon. It appears the full moon will be out during the day. Will it affect my spell at all if there is no moonlight at night? Or should I do it during the day time and all night? I also read that in other parts of the world a lunar eclipse will take place this month & next month it will happen again here in the U.S. Do you think that will make any differences?

  32. Tracey says

    I did this spell tonight. As suspected it is overcast. I visualized and focused on moonlight shining down on my cauldron. I used melted snow for water, it was the closest I could come to being from the earth. I have still left the cauldron near a window just in case moonlight were to shine down during the night. I hope I did it right!

      • says

        Hi Lady Raven..
        I did the spell last night under a glorious moon…
        Very powerful; I could feel it…
        Question: Now I have only to pour the water into earth…
        Can it be the potting soil of my home tree, or must it be outside ?
        I used a silver chalice as the cauldron…
        Can I pour it into a bottle to take outside, or must it be from the chalice directly ?
        Thank you !
        By the way, the money knot with the green cord which I found here worked VERY WELL..
        I literally found $1800 the next day!!!

        • says

          You can pour the water into a living tree inside your home or near it. I just wrote this but its true, you feel the magick. Its something you feel. I would try to pour it from the specific chalice but I haven’t tried it another way. Let us know what you decide to do!

          Also I am so happy the money spell worked for you. Its my favorite for a reason…

          Blessed Be!!

          • Anonymous says

            This will be my first yet. It’s technically Thursday. -12:08 am it’s snowing. I have faith the moon is there somewhere.

  33. loren says

    Im going top try this spell with a friend…we’ve never done spells before but the next full is on my birthday(does that make it better?) so i Definatly think that’s a sign to do the spell &it falls on a wendsday too so that’s the closest to Thursday I’ll get:) I’m looking forward to doing this spell for the first time & very curiousto see if it works…if there’s any helpful hints to make the spell work better I’m all ears..

    • says

      Birthday on a full moon? Yes! Very powerful energies, check your horoscope first. The only tip I have is meditation and learning more about the power of intention!

      Blessed Be and GOODLUCK! Let us know what happens!

  34. Erika Onyx says

    Lady Raven Moon,
    Thank you so much for sharing this money spell. I completed it yesterday by draining the water into earth, letting it sit overnight in the moonlight. I had the luck of being able to start this spell on a full moon & the very same day I completed the spell, I got offered a job interview. The very next day (today), I got the job.

    Here’s to great things ahead & I wish you all the prosperity of the world. I will definitely check out your other spells very soon! :) … Like, right now. Ha. Really.

    Thanks again,
    Erika Onyx

  35. Marti says

    First full moon of the year has already brought about results! Thanks to the goddess for all she is bestowing upon us. Time to go out and spread the love… Believe and all will come to thee

  36. Anna C says

    Thank you for this spell, I just cast it in the last full moon of the year. I am seeking financial increase for our business so that it may support not only itself, but our personal life too. Given the blessings the business has brought so far, I confidently believe this will bring the boost we need to take things to the next level. I will update you soon.

  37. Jamie Leigh says

    Hi i am farly new to this but i was told that you could put spell’s on Jewelery and i was woundering how do you do that and can you put a fame spell on it? if you can how do you Thanks :)

    • says

      This can be done simply with the power of intention.

      Hold the item of jewelery and think really hard about the outcome that you want.

      Stay like this in meditation for as long as it feels right.

      Release the thought to the universe and let it go.

      You can also search for my spell to charm an item.

      Thanks so much for visiting the site and I will try to put a more detailed article up soon! Blessed Be!

  38. Skye says

    Hey, I am very interested in witchcraft but I am new and have all sorts of questions. I have been reading and learning a lot due to almost every witchcraft page I visit the 1st thing they say is to learn about witchcraft. I was wondering how I can find you on facebook. I looked under Lady Raven Moon but couldn’t find you :(

  39. GreenGoddess says

    I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging so I am posting this update… I have continued casting this spell throughout the weekend… After 3 years of my husband filling out applications and going on job interviews without success, he just got a phone call saying that he has been hired for the job!! As soon as his drug test and background check (which are both clean) come back, he will be going to work for them!!!! Blessed be!!

  40. GreenGoddess says

    My husband and I have been struggling for a few years now.. I am a stay at home mom and I homeschool my 13 year old son because he has Aspergers and while he was in school, I was getting phone calls every day to pick him up (needless to say, I cannot work).. My husband has had a job with the same company for 3 years now and it has gotten to the point where his hours have been cut drastically and it’s getting harder for him to get paid when he is supposed to.. I was desperate for an answer and found this spell.. I am new to Wicca but all of my beliefs had lead me to it over the years.. I’ve never practiced and thought this would be a simple way to start.. My husband had just had an interview with a company that would give us a HUGE boost in how we are living!

    I didn’t have anything special (not even a quarter) so I did this spell with nothing for 2 nights.. The day after casting for the first time, we got the paperwork we had been waiting for to pay our home off… The second day, I went through a bunch of stuff that had belonged to the previous owners and found a few “coins” (not sure if they have any value yet), a dollar and was able to use the old plastic tubs for storing hay before it rained the next day… I know some of you may not find most of this “valuable” but to me, it was priceless!! I don’t need a lot to keep me happy and I was needing them!

    I was able to find a silver chain and some type of “coin” with chinese writing on it that was silver in color.. I figured, the “coin” would represent wealth and the chain would be for “silver”.. For my “cauldron”, I used an ordinary pot that used to have a black nonstick surface but not so much anymore… I cast this spell again last night, and when I opened the mail box, there was a check for $29.00 from our electric company.. Again, I know it’s not a lot but it will give us gas money, feed our pets or anything else we need..

    Honestly, I just wanted my husband to get this new job but I am grateful for the small blessings!! Tonight is the full moon and hopefully it will rain enough that I can use nature’s water instead of tap water.. we won’t find out until next week if he will get the job or not…

    Blessed Be!

  41. Melissa says

    Does anyone have any experience with this spell during a blue moon?? There is one coming up tomorrow and I was planning to do this spell soon anyways; do you think it would work better/worse/same during the blue moon? Namaste.

  42. LadySheba says

    Going to be doing this spell on Thursday the 30th…Right before the blue moon…I hope it works…in fact I am sure it will. :)

  43. Yasmin says

    I did the spell so far i haven’t had any money luck but i have been offered a casting for a job i really want so maybe my luck Will show there.

    • Lisa says

      I did the spell also for 3 days., the last being August 2nd….no money as of yet, but job offer & contacted by a recruiter….Blessed Be!

  44. Yasmin says

    Iv done this spell tonight. weirdly enough Im from England but i randomly found a dime in my purse so i put that in along with a few english coins and a silver necklace i class as my lucky one. so here goes nothing i hope it works i have a good feeling about it.

  45. Jo says

    Funny I was checking about this full
    Moon in August. The 2nd will be the 1st full moon of the month and is in Aquarius. since it raining heavily here I will use rainwater for the spell. Will it hinder or empower it?

    • LadySheba says

      Rain water would/should definatly empower the spell seeing as the water comes directly form nature herself. But I would assume for this spell to fully work you would need the light from the moon to shine down onto it. But you should save the rain water for this spell for sure….In fact I think I will use some rain water the next time it rains and save it just for this occasion. Good thought on the rain water :)

  46. Abby says

    I didnt understand that where did we use the candles?
    And instead of silvercoins can i use indian rupee coins?

    • LadySheba says

      I would assume you should use any coins that are best for your nationality, or where you live. And since the candles are optional I am sure you just place them on your alter wherever you like, they are probably just for focus.

  47. ann a. says

    I did this spell two months ago under a full moon and asked for help with my legal problem and some financial help. the following month i got some relief of my legal woes (thank God!) and my husband had a big sale in his job that really brought us a big bonus.We shared some of the money to his sales associate.
    I wasn’t able to do the spell last month(i got lazy gee me) so my husband didn’t made his quota and i didn’t get a pay i thought due me by my employer.Very disappointing. So tonight I’m doing it again and hope the universe will rally around me.

  48. Anita says

    I did this once last february, and spell worked extreamely well. I won some money from the lottery and later same week, my ex-boss called me and requested me to do some additional work for him. Money troubles got solved. I did this again during the strong moon, but this time it did not give any results. I was hoping to use money to solve some bigger issues and I started to think that maybe money is not the right answer? Thanks so much for this spell!

  49. paula says

    What if the water has already been blessed in the light of the full moon (goddess bless this water with your light and love . . . incantation.) ?

    • LadySheba says

      It would be best to use fresh water and not previously blessed water…HOWEVER if you haven’t used the water and it is just blessed moon water, you could just bottle it and save it for cleansing water.

    • LadySheba says

      Any sort of shallow bowl can be used, such as a saucer. However it would be best that the bowl be new, but if you can’t get it new make sure to clean it thoroughly and then CLEANSE it (i.e sage, blessed water, etc) BUT once used for a spell place that dish in a special place, preferably with your other magical tools and only use it for such.

  50. Daniel says

    Lady Ravenmoon pls I will like to get your facebook address,I like the way you guide we novices through and will love to stay in touch with you for constant tutoring because am about to try the full moon money spell but I want to know if I need a circle to perform this or just fill up my cup with water and drop any silver coin in it and chant the spell under a full moon?

  51. Christine says

    This was my first spell as I am new into the world of Wicca and I’m happy to say it’s been successful! After 8 months of being unemployed, today I was offered my dream job which may be short term for now but hopefully will grow into something great! Thanks for sharing your spells and encouraging us to try new things!

  52. Tissam says

    sorry something went wrong there, i was saying i didnt have energy to do anything,good news i started to day i earn few pounds like i said its a start. Do i have to do this spell each full moon? i felt carrying the coin with me wasnt as power full, so i just left it under my bed and its just wright. Thank you for giving your time and answering to my reply. Am always on your web site to learn something new to make my little boy and I happier.XX

  53. Tissam says

    Hi lady raven, just wanted to say that this spell worked for me, didn’t get any money, but i feel lighter,more happier, I had this women asking me to work as cleaner few months ago, I didnt have any ene

  54. Tissam says

    Hi raven, i just follow step by step this spell, i would like to know if i can carry the coin in green bag with me? thank you.

  55. Neo Druid says

    About 13 years ago, I had thumbed through one of my old R. Buckland books on magick, (or at least I thought it was Buckland), and found a wonderful little spell for money. Basically, I place a gifted silver-chain necklace with or without a pendant in a glass container of spring water under a full moon, or the 3 day period up unto and the full moon for extra potency. I don’t recall much personal ritual then, except for the sincere intent aimed at the water and necklace. I also used to do a minor tribute to the moon as simple as a heartfelt nod of belonging (I am a moonchild). I would then wear the necklace and never remove it even to shower. Overall results took from 2-4 weeks for me and were ridiculously synchronistic and blatant. I could detail the mutiple experiences but this is becoming wall o’ text. Essentially, I wanted to point out that I would never dream seeing this spell on a google search with so many results. And here we are. Happy FULL MOON brothers and sisters.

  56. guida says

    Sorry I just need something clear…I read the spell to say pour water on earth…and then get mixed up with leaving coins in water…

    so to make this clear..after the chant do I go outside pour the water and coins onto the earth (where I collect coins next day dry and put away)..or just some of the water and leave coins in the water..Please and thanks so much…

  57. Maxx says

    Thank you so much for your advice. I’ll really think about my situation and trust myself to make a sound decision. As far as the altar and circle go, I have googled them both and they are all very diverse. I am trying to educate myself and there are so many things to learn. I’m very eager and excited. Thank you again :)

    • says

      Yeah there’s a lot to learn believe me! I learn something new on this path everyday. Feel free to ask me anything you want! I may not always have an answer but I’ll try to think of something… lol. Thank you for coming to my website. I appreciate it and you so much!

  58. Maxx says

    I don’t have a Facebook : /
    I have questions regarding how to start an altar as well as casting a circle. I’d like your opinion on wether it would be beneficial or detrimental to try some altar work to improve some personal matters even tho I’ve had two psychics tell me that my situation is already headed in a positive direction. Can you please help? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • says

      Just Google your questions about your altar! Its a lot to type and I’m sure you’ll find some great answers. My advice though on if you should…
      Do what your heart feels.
      When you do a spell (if you decide too)
      Trust in its coming and let it go.
      If you feel in your heart that YOU want to make action in changing your situation then do so. Its really personal. Do you feel compelled to do a spell? If so that’s your answer!
      Hope this helps~ ;/
      Brightest Blessings!

  59. Tusiime says

    I would like help from you my friends in getting real working and powerful money,wealth, success and fortune spells because i have casted many spell which are said to be the most powerful but all for nothing,please help. my email is [sam.korea@ymail.com}

  60. Maxx says

    Joey, how did the spell work out for you?

    Lady Raven Moon, how can I contact you? I wanted to get your insight, both personal and proffesional opinion, on some of my endeavors. I’m stil new to all of this and I have a few questions regarding practices, natural, and white magic. I hope you’ll privilege me with your knowledge and guidance.

      • Tricia says

        I wanna learn more about wicca and spells. I wanted to add you on facebook if you want to help me? But I don’t know your name. Can you please send me a link to your facebook? You can send it to my mail, and then I’ll add you. I really wanna do this. I tried a hair growing spell and it worked, I also tried a beautiful singing voice spell and my voice is getting better. Please, share your wisdom with me :-)

  61. joey says

    i did this spell last night at about midnight (since it was a full moon!:)) and i put 9 coins in the pot, since 9 is a very special number to me! i feel great today & i know its going to work, i just know it! thanks for posting, + i love the pic with it! :D.. a great spell to do, very easy & not many things needed. i used a pot for cooking as well and just regular money currency ;].! <3 blessed be!

  62. Frank says

    This may sound stupid, but what if the sky is overcast and you can’t find the light of the moon…I live in Portland, Oregon where we get a lot of rain this time of year. Just doing the spell on the full moon will be enough, right?

  63. Jeff says

    I tried the Money Spell so I could play the lottery, and I won $250 right away. I also got an insurance settlement I’d been praying for. My financial worries are gone. Thanks

  64. Nyte says

    I did this spell on the last full moon cycle, last Thursday night. It did, in fact, work for me, on many levels, actually.

    I had been unemployed for four months and I finally did this spell, the next day I won $4 in the lottery and then two days later, I was called for a job interview on the spot, have a second interview this Friday.

  65. ananomous says

    i did this spell lastnight around 8pm the moon looked full should i have done this spell today? i filled it hlf and positioned it towards a window the moonlight was shining through the water on the quarter and i sweeped my hands above the water saying this same chant i dont know i it worked how will i know and where will the money come from i need this money to pay my bills

  66. ReBecca says

    I’m going to try it tonight..but i have a few questions…
    I can use a black cooking pot…right? And do you have to have a green candle? I only have white ones..thanks!

  67. Suezan says

    This spell worked more than once for me, I did the spell, and I kept the quarters and half dollars. I still have them and really never use them only if I need to do the spell again. Never use them to buy anything put them away in a green pouch under your bed so you will never use them. Good luck!

    • says

      Yes, and for some other spell that may need lucky coins, or other money spells these come in handy. Be careful though, if the coins aren’t used for the same purposed they may lose some magickal charge.

  68. Jema Reeves says

    You didn’t say what to do with the candles..when do I blow them out or do I let them burn out? Will this work better if I leave the coins in the pot of water all night after saying the spell?

    • says

      I would let the spell candles burn out. This full moon money spell has been changed many times, you can let the coins stay in the bowl or pot all night if you want. I think this is this best.

  69. Ira says

    so its silver colored? not specifically the element silver? Usually spells involving silver (the metal) work several times better if you actually use real silver. But the coin is more symbolic so would it be best to use the currency you want to recive it in?

    I plan on trying this the next full moon. I am running another prosperity spell and it is working well so far. However I have yet to find a coven around me. do you have any tips on finding a coven or circle?

  70. Linda says

    I have a question where can i find silver coins can I get help with that part :(. Also does anyone got any good simple psychic enhancement spells for full moon. Please help

  71. Linda says

    What do you do with the coins? Do you pour them out and leave them on the ground with the water or do you take them out?
    This sounds like a very nice spell.
    Thank you

    • says

      I left my coins bathe in the light of the moon all night. In the day time I carefully dried them and put them in my pouch. This is a great money moon spell, I hope you will use it!

    • Anonymous says

      How do you close a spell? I’ve used this spell for three months and have lots of success!! Extra bonus’s at work and found random checks that I forgot I even had. I’m getting free things and discount every where I go! I love it!
      I feel that every time I do a spell, spirits seem to be attacked by the energy and I have to cleans my house every time. Is there a simple way to close the spell when I’m done? So I don’t have visitors:)

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