Everything Under The Moon Money Spell

This Full Moon Money Spell was submitted to me by a good friend who I actually met on twitter. (Follow me! @BallisticJW). I love full moon spells because they are extremely effective and you can feel the energy flowing through you.

As suggested by the title you should do this spell during the full moon. Wiccan spells done during the full moon are done during a time where your magic is at its full potential. Spells done around this time will have a positive result.  The full moon is a romantic and powerful time, but since it only occurs one night out of the whole lunar rotation or lunar cycle it can be hard to do a spell on that specific day. Most people contend and maintain that you can full moon spells up to 2 days before and the full moon.

Full Moon Money Spell, done during the full moon, preferably on a Thursday night, but this of course is not always possible. Full moon spells are known for their effectiveness so prepare for wealth! Although it is preferable with this spell to do it on a full moon night, its not a must. Sometimes it is hard to work your whole schedule around one spell, so don’t stress to much if the spell has to be on a new moon or a waxing moon.

Money spells are always fun but sometimes can be depressing if you need money instantly for bills or other money emergencies. If you are feeling defeated, burnt out, desperate then don’t do the spell. This will hinder you more than it will propel you forward. You should be in the right mind to do effective magick.

Try meditating to get your mind off of the money problems or wants. Holding in the need for money isn’t going to bring it to you any sooner. You need to be able to release the energy, not worry about the problem, and trust that everything will work out the way you want it too.

The Full Moon Money Spell

To do this Full Moon Spell you will need, a cauldron, water, and silver coins. Optional are candles, one white, and one green. Fill your cauldron half full of water and drop a silver coin quarters work best if you only have American money into it. Position the cauldron near a window or someplace it can get moonlight. Glide you hand over the surface of the cauldron and symbolically gather the Moon’s silver.

As you do this chant:

Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver and gold. All you give, my purse can hold.”

Repeat this three times.

Leave the bowl in the moonlight for the night. The next morning pour the water into the earth. (not the coins).

This is a great and effective full moon money spell. Did this spell work for you? Leave a comment below and let me know how it worked for you. I hoped you enjoyed this spell make sure you check out our other free magick spells.

Rewritten by Raven Moon for Just Wicca Credit: Everything Under The Moon

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  1. What if I do not have a couldron?? Will a pot suffice?

  2. Fresno Kid says:

    How much money will you receive from this spell ? I’m a beginner this will be my first attempt.

  3. aquagirl says:

    I casted the spell and afterwards I got a really warm felling and really happy! A good sign!

  4. I did this spell tonight under the blood moon but I repeated the chant more than 3 times…will that affect the outcome?

  5. I want to do this spell to night and I can’t really leave my cauldron outside can I do the spell outside and bring it inside or do I have to leave it out over night. All answers will be helpful.

  6. I will be trying the spell on April 15th, full moon. I hope it works!! I have fell behind on a lot of bills and my weekly check hardly covers them. So hard to keep up with the cost of living!!

  7. It works for me twice now. I do it on the full moon and during the waning moon phases. I noticed that it magnifies whatever we desire the most. I like having free stuff and enjoying things without paying for them thus saving money and that is what I get all the time when I use this spell. Effective usually the next day.

  8. Just performed this tonight! I felt really good deep down :) the moon is shining so perfectly in my pot outside! I just know everything is going to work out!

  9. Wow! I just completed this spell during a harvest moon. The moon is so bright it’s casting a shadow on my cauldron. The night just felt so magical. I really hope this works :)

  10. Lady Raven.
    I done the spell on the Thursday full moon last night. I had to hold the cauldron with my hand to face the light of the moon. I used two pure silver fifty cent pieces and filled the cauldron up half way with water. I left it outside like the spell said to do, and this morning when I went to get the silver pieces before I went to work they were there shining like brand new but there wasn’t a drop of water. I leaned the cauldron so the light of the full moon was shining on the silver all night. Nothing could have drank all the water and not moved the cauldron. It would have tipped over or fell flat. I feel like I’m going to bust with energy and don’t know what to do.

  11. I just did this again tonight:)

  12. Hi,
    Today is full Moon & I want to do this Spell, Cn u please tell me if I can use coin & water from a river as it is nt raining actually. I can’t undersand what is Quarter silver coin? Pls advice

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