Spell to Commune with the Dead

By | October 13, 2012

This is a spell to ask the spirits to answer a question, solve a problem etc. While this is a divination spell this can also become a protection spell. I have not personally tried this spell so I can’t personally comment on whether this spell will work for you. Thank Seline for sending this spell!

What You’ll Need:

  • One light blue candle
  • Blessing Oil
  • A picture of the deceased
  • Shilajit and Lavender in a Muslin bag

Anoint the candle with the blessing oil. You can substitute the oil with another oil if you would prefer. Meditate on the flame. See yourself open up as if the veil between the worlds are being lifted. See yourself surrounded by light energy enabling you to commune with anyone you desire.Divination Spells to talk to the dead

Hold the picture right in front of you. Say the following;

No longer with us but wisdom is forever

I ask for your guidance in this matter

Answer me, As I sleep

As I will it so mote it be

Meditate and focus on the questions, situation or problem for which you are seeking guidance. Let the candle burn out and place it in the muslin bag with the lavender, shilajit and three drops of the blessing oil. Place the photo and bad under your pillow and sleep with it for three nights. You should receive the information your requested via your dreams.

This spell was sent to me via email and included no correspondence information, etc. So I don’t exactly know when the owner of this spell would suggest doing it, what day, time, etc. You really don’t need all the information to make a spell work, just tweak and redesign as you see fit. I have a few more interesting articles I’ll post soon, so make sure to come back and see whats new!

Thank you so much for visiting the website. I hope this information helps you. Please leave any questions, comments, suggestions, rants, raves and tips below!

3 thoughts on “Spell to Commune with the Dead

  1. Angie Hartnack

    I would really like to use this spell, but I have a question:
    Would the deceased not want to see/talk back to you or come visit you in your dreams?

    I ask this because my boyfriend passed away a few months ago and I always used to have random dreams with him in them but I haven’t seen him in a single one these past 2 months. Which got me thinking… does he want me to forget about him? Does he still know that I miss him?
    your answer will be much appreciated. :)

    Thankyou ×

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      Sometimes if a spirit feels like you are still to attached to them and refuse to move on they can distance themselves, but usually this is the universe asking you to always feels them with you (breezes, sudden chills, winds, feeling someone watching you or near you) but does not want you to hurt all the time. I would love to send you a love crystal! email me jw@justwicca.com

  2. Gilma burgos

    I wanna make this spell cause ….. My friend died her name is amanda todd she killed herself by bullying :( i wanna say to her that she is not alone i know how it feels to be alone nobody helping u but one day things will get better … Um soo yeah i just wanna tell her that thing


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