Blessed Water Anti Anxiety Spells

Anxiety Spells

This is a simple and proactive way to beat anxiety. Although beginners have had some success with this anxiety spells, it is probably better suited for those who have some experience in the craft. This spell asks you to utilize your powers of visualization and mental strength. If your element is water then you may have especially good luck with this spell. This spell is not intended to encourage unhealthy people to stop taking there medicines or do something that goes against any medical professionals advice. I recommend if you are on medicine, or therapy that you use this blessed water in conjunction to what you are currently doing.

Anxiety Spells: Blessed Water

What you’ll need:

Begin this spell by meditating, calmly think about why you are anxious. As with all things my spells rely on GSA – Goals, Strategy and Action. Understand why you have the anxiety and what can you do to make the anxiety better? What actions can you take?

When you are clear on you plan, light the blue candles in a circle around the cauldron. And recite this chant.

Nervous anxiety, you are dead.
Lord and lady, soothe my head.
Bring me to your calming peace
As I will so mote it be.

Pour the blessed water in a water bottle, and take it with you. When you feel nervous or anxious, take a sip of the blessed water and silently meditate on a calming, better outcome.

A good witch friend of mine has panic attacks, before she eventually limited herself from having 17 panic attacks a year to around 2 or 3 she lived in  fear of her anxiety she uses this and some other anxiety spells that she wrote. She found comfort her anxiety spells.

She also recommends creating a morning and night time meditation and/or yoga ritual.  Meditation enhances positivity and transforms negativity. This is working with your mind on a deeper level, do the work and believe! One important thing we must remember when dealing with anxiety is that it never lasts, it never is forever and although it may seem like it is here to say in the moment, it isn’t. We should work closely with our minds and bodies.

You can do this or any of the anxiety spells as often as needed.


  1. Ierrose says

    Do I have to burn the entire candle before pouring the water into a bottle or can I save the candle for the next spell or new batch of this? I am going to try to help out my two best friends who are struggling with anxiety and I’m going to ask them tomorrow if I can help them. I am a beginner, but I always work well with water so I hope this will work…
    I have not come out of the broom closet to my parents yet so do normal craft stores like Michael’s carry oils to use for other spells and potions? If so, what kinds? There are no Wicca stores where I live since it is a small town and I don’t want my parents t know I practice just yet. I also am just a 13 year old so I can’t drive anywhere or buy online without my parents permission.
    Also, can I add I love the site so far? Its helped a lot! Any response is quite appreciated!

    • says

      You can modify the spell as you need. I don’t know if Michael’s would carry these items. I got there pretty often for my etsy shop and I haven’t seen any there, but I haven’t looked to be honest. I have a herb garden and thats why I create my own oils. Good Luck!

  2. Adrian Cestone says

    Hi Raven,

    I tried this spell and instantly felt better. I have been feeling anxious for awhile and this seemed to do the trick. Thank you so much for posting it.


  3. Linda says

    Can this spell be used on a friend who has this problem? She has had this for a few years. I want to help her overcome it and return to a normal life. And more happier at that. Please help me.

  4. rodelle says

    haven’t tried it yet, but your last paragraph really helps in a mental level. i have frequent panic attacks, and i am already close to desperation. but i’ll try this out.

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