Spell to Get a Husband (or Wife)

This is a spell to get a husband. SO I usually give you all the warnings off the top. I'm not going to do this because you are responsible for your li

How to Cast a Circle for a Spell

This article was submitted by: Hermione Chinmayee. Thank you for your submission! You guys can submit articles (content@justwicca.com) for your choic

Abusive Relationships : Journal

This story really speaks deeply to my heart because I have been viciously abused.  The last time was 16 years ago when I was head butted by my then f

Candle Magic for Forgiveness

As I work on myself and work on changing my life for the better, I realize how hurt I am and how fragile I am as a person and human being. I have a lo

Spell to Keep the Truth Hidden

This spell is about dishonesty. Lying or being a liar is never a good thing and is something that should be avoided at all times because they are ener

White Magic Wishing Spell

This spell was written by Jessica and submitted to me via email. This spell is to make an impossible wish come true. This spell is best done during th

How to Win the Lottery

This spell is to win the lotto. This spell should be done on a Thursday and if you are buying a ticket then go purchase during the 7pm hour. You can d

Spell to Bring Back Ex

This spell is very simple and was submitted to me via email (content@justwicca.com) by Los Santos Loca Luna. This spell is said to manifest more love

Spell to Get Over Someone (to no longer love)

This spell should be done during the MOON OF DECREASE. This spell is to no longer love someone. You can modify this spell anyway you see fit. To get

Spell to Become Popular

This spell truly works and it’s all about your intention. This spell will tell you a lot about yourself and with everything else on this site be car

Secret Love Spell Story

This spell was submitted to me via email (Content@JustWicca.com) and while the person wishes to remain anonymous I thought it would be amazing to shar

Help! I Don’t Have Money to do Witchcraft

Broke? A major and constant problem among Teen Witches is the fact that we're absolutely broke! We don't have any money for any of the tools and magi

Spell To Rid Yourself of an Unwanted Lover

The tagline to this website is 'be careful what you wish for' and its a perfect fit. We all get so caught up in what we want in the moment and daydrea

Dream Pillows

Dream Pillows Every ordinary person dreams when they sleep. Scientists have discovered that if we do not dream, because of the use of drugs or sleep-

What is poppet magick?

What is poppet magick? A lot of you have been asking for more specific magickal articles and I want to be able to inform you of deeper things because

Spell to Allow More Success and Wealth in Your Life

When the moon is in waxing phase, take a green taper candle scratch onto it with a pin the words “I am allowed to be wealthy.” This self affirmati

The Dark of the Moon

The phases of the Moon have historically been linked with the various incarnations of the feminine Goddess, with the dark phase of the Moon usually se

Minor Pagan Festivals

Minor Pagan Festivals The Wheel of the Year depicts the annual cycle of holidays celebrated in various Pagan religions. Although holidays like Yule a

Identfying Between Paganism and Wicca

A common ignorance today is the misuse of labels, Hoodoo; voodoo, punk; pop-punk, thick; fat etc. It's important to know what you're talking about, ES

All About Paganism

All About the Pagan Religion Paganism describes a group of religions that is focus on nature. Paganism is a diverse community. Some of the parts of t

The Waxing Moon

Wiccans believe in both religion and magic as sources of reverence and power, and an esbat is when those two elements coincide in the form of a ritual

New Moon Ritual

If you are part of the Wiccan ritual, you can do a ritual when there is a New Moon. The first thing that you should do is cast a circle. You can cast