Spell to Let Go of the Past

Do you need a spell to let go of the past? My spell to let go of the past is can be used to let go of a situation, memory, feeling or person. This sp

Spell to Get Money

This spell is to bring more money into your life. This spell to get money is very near and dear to my heart because it comes from my first book of sha

Spell to Live Forever

Have you ever wondered is there a spell to live forever? Will you.. still be you... in the future? Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone we loved could l

Wiccan Spell to Lose Weight

This wiccan spell to lose weight is my second most popular wiccan weight loss spell on Just Wicca. I have this spell to lose weight and this pink cand

Wiccan Spell for Happiness (For Others or Self!)

Are feeling down? Looking for a wiccan spell for happiness? Then try this spell for happiness and be amazed at how soon you start to feel better! This

Wiccan Spell to Quit Smoking

Is there a spell to quit smoking? Well the obvious answer is yes! This is a modified version of a spell that was written over 28 years ago. This spell

A Great Sugar Love Spell

This wonderful spell was posted by Silver in the comments section of my spell titled: Another Sugar Love Spell. Thank you silver for sharing this love

Spell to Win a Game or Competition

This wiccan spell to win a game works really well. Although this spell is similar to your typical good luck spell it does work better than most. This

Wiccan Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Thanks to Samantha Moon-shadow for submitting this spell to stop drinking alcohol! When you submit spells you have your choice of free gift so please

Spell to Fly without Wings

This spell to fly can work with alone or with a group of people.  Although the most powerful thing about this spell is the chanting... if you add all

Spell to Make it Snow That Works

This spell to make it snow works best during winter and can take up to 2 weeks to happen. This spell can work even earlier and as soon as the next day

Spell to Get a Husband (or Wife)

This is a spell to get a husband. SO I usually give you all the warnings off the top. I'm not going to do this because you are responsible for your li

How to Cast a Circle for a Spell

This article was submitted by: Hermione Chinmayee. Thank you for your submission! You guys can submit articles (content@justwicca.com) for your choic

Abusive Relationships : Journal

This story really speaks deeply to my heart because I have been viciously abused.  The last time was 16 years ago when I was head butted by my then f

Wiccan Candle Magic Forgiveness Spell

As I work on myself and work on changing my life for the better, I realize how hurt I am and how fragile I am as a person and human being. I have a lo

Spell to Keep the Truth Hidden

This spell is about dishonesty. Lying or being a liar is never a good thing and is something that should be avoided at all times because they are ener

White Magic Wishing Spells

This spell was written by Jessica and submitted to me via email. This spell is to make an impossible wish come true. This spell is best done during th

How to Win the Lottery

This spell is to win the lotto. This spell for how to win the lottery should be done on a Thursday and if you are buying a ticket then go purchase dur

Spell to Bring Back An Ex Lover

I wrote this spell to bring back an ex lover. This spell is very simple and was submitted to me via email (content@justwicca.com) by Los Santos Loca L

Wiccan Spell to Get Over Someone

This wiccan spell to get over someone should be done during the MOON OF DECREASE. This spell is to no longer love someone. You can modify it anyway yo

Spell to Become Popular

This spell to become popular truly works and it’s all about your intention. This spell will tell you a lot about yourself and with everything else o

My Full Secret Love Spell Story

This love spell story was submitted to me via email (Content@JustWicca.com) and while the person wishes to remain anonymous I thought it would be amaz