Wiccan Lammas

Wiccan Lammas Lammas is a Pagan festival which is celebrated within various parts of the world. The Lammas is usually celebrated on the last day of July or the first day of August. This celebration focuses on the many blessings received as well as gratitude. This is considered a very important and meaningful celebration within […]

Midsummer – Litha

Midsummer- A Time for Light and Life Midsummer is the day that is the peak of summer. It is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the time when the power of the sun is the strongest. Also known as Litha, Midsummer is a time of inner power and light. It is a […]

Wiccan Beltane /Floralia

Wiccan Beltane /Floralia Beltane is a Gaelic festival that marks the beginning of the Spring and is typically held anywhere from April 30th to May 1st (falling in between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice) when the livestock is sent out into the Summer pastures to graze; a celebration of bonfires, flowers and the […]


What is Ostara all about? Throughout the dark winter months, nature holds back. It’s a time when the abundance of nature is not available, and our ancestors worked hard to survive it. When spring arrives, the world wakes up and the cycle of life begins anew with the promise of prosperity. The coming of spring […]

Wiccan Names of the Moon

During the ages, cultures from Europe to North America have kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full moon, meaning a new name every month. There are many reasons for different cultures having different sets of names, like being in wildly variable regions where weather is not concurrent between places, […]

Wiccan Imbolc

Wiccan Imbolc  Imbolc, also called the Feast of Brighid, is a ritual and a festival that celebrates the coming of spring. Held at the half-way point of winter, there is no specific date for Imbolc but it is usually celebrated sometime between January 29th and February 3rd. Many practitioners and covens celebrate on February 1, […]

Wiccan Midwinter/Yule

Wiccan Midwinter/Yule Wicca is a religion where the past and the present collide in a harmonious manner. It’s a modern religion that’s based on ancient witchcraft and pre-Christian traditions. Many of these traditions originated in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Witchcraft is part of Wicca, but in a positive way, as that of using its powers […]

How do Wiccans “raise energy”?

How do Wiccans “raise energy.” Energy is a true phenomenon, that spreads throughout the universe. We as sentient beings possess personal energy, but there is much more at our disposal and practitioners of Wicca, or Wiccans, use special exercises to raise their own personal energy stores. This is important in the casting of spells and […]

Developing the Mind

Developing the Mind When you are delving into occult studies, especially regarding the practice of magic or paganism, the development of your mind is critical to successful workings. There are a few basic things you can do regularly to help increase your psychic abilities, work better magic, and develop a strong and powerful mind. First, […]

Why Meditate

Why Meditate Meditation, the form of focusing the mind in order to better yourself or to simply make amends is recommended by many mental health specialists. There isn’t anything physically happening when you meditate but it can help organize your life in order to reduce stress and obtain peace. Meditation can also be a quick […]

What is a Wiccan Altar

What is a Wiccan Altar Being a Wiccan for years, or just starting out it is a good idea to re-arrange your altar periodically, or to set up a new altar that represents you as a Wiccan. In the Wiccan religion it is the altar that brings out the beliefs, focal points and the ideas […]

How To Break Curses And Hexes

This article is something that is requested ALL THE TIME. While there was some hesitation about posting this article because while I do believe we are co-creating our life with the universe through energy manipulation, thoughts, karma and clarity, I also believe our Universe is self correcting and curses / hexes only have power if […]

How to Create Your Own Book of Shadows

The cover of the Wiccan book of shadows can be any color, picture or design. The owner of the book of shadows needs to have the cover be just as personal as the inside of the book of shadows. If the Wiccan has interests in gardening, crocheting, knitting, music, animals, foods, nature, or anything else […]

How to Cast a Wiccan Circle

I hope this article will be informative to you. This is article has been requested for a long time. I was never compelled to give you a tutorial because we know not even pagan sect has the same teachings. This is not the exact way I cast my wiccan circles nor would I expect this […]

The Wiccan Oil Pages

This is a page dedicated to the various wiccan oils and their properties. You can purchase these oils premade by me by visiting my Etsy Wiccan Oils Shop, but below you can find the basic recipes to make most of the oils yourself as well as what each oil is useful for. Make sure you […]

The Magick of Runes

Predating the oldest religions, the origins of Runes lay in the distant past. Some say it was developed in Northern Europe the Runes are a form of alphabet that represented the Old Norse language and used by Scandinavians up to around 700AD. Others say it came from the Etruscan written language. Mostly associated with Viking […]

Magick Runes

Magick Runes Since you’re reading this, it is likely that you’ve considered incorporating the use of magick runes into your daily repertoire. Maybe you received a set from a well-meaning friend and want to know what to do with them. In any case, you probably can’t wait to start casting, but before you become a […]

Spell to Get a Boyfriend

This spell was sent in by Clara Magi with no modifications made by me. She wrote this spell with out the consideration of moon phases and so this spell is great for beginners. For more experienced witches, you can of course modify the spell with appropriate correspondences and make it more powerful. I think this […]

Wiccan Blue Moon Esbats

Have you ever seen two full moons in one? This is an extremely rare.  For the followers of the Wiccan religion the rare phenomenon of having two full moons appear twice withing one month of a particular year is called a ‘Blue Moon’. The phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ comes from this rare occurrence.  […]

Spell to Speed Up the Day

Have you ever been at work or school and it seems like the whole day is in permanent slow motion? That was my day earlier. I wanted to crawl into bed and quit work and school and just be at home… feeling less yucky. I can’t tell you everyone will speed up or the day […]