What is Wicca?

What is Wicca to you? Wicca is a religion. Wicca is not only about harnessing or using magic, although it is an inherent part of the religion. Wicca to me is more about acknowledging your place in the great and expansive Universe and your evolution as a capable, knowing and spiritual being or individual. Wicca is about moving forwards on your life path, going forward on your own personal spiritual journey. Wicca is about learning, exploring, growing, and become the best individual you can be.

What is Wicca? – The Wiccan ReligionWhat is Wicca

Wicca at its core is a religion. Wicca is a way to communicate and interact with the Universe, Deity, and your wishes. It has been my life affirmation, and my path of growth and expansiveness. Wicca’s ideals are based in part in reverence and admiration for nature and her earthly cycles. Wicca relies heavily in the ideals of respecting nature, earth and her creatures. Wicca holds high the natural powers of the Universe and sees these forces of nature reflected in the world around you. Wicca is the belief that natures forces are in every person and everything.

What is Wicca – Wiccan Deities

Wiccans hold great admiration or reverence for Deity; which can be masculine or feminine. Wiccans approach the aspects of Deity through many forms, names, and ideals. These concepts are drawn from the whole world throughout time. Deity is like a diamond with many facets, each individual and unique, each beautiful and each connected.

Wiccans believe that Deity comes to each individual in the way that can be best understood for that single person. Wiccans believe that Deity is many things to many people and it is understandably different for different people. Wiccans also believe that the bonds that are formed between a person and Deity is unique, personal, and subjective.  Like with many faiths, not everyone will have the same understanding, views or thoughts of Deity, because not everyone is in the same circumstances, place or have the same perspective. This is one of the most important reasons why Wiccans believe no one has the right to judge another person’s bond with Deity. Because each person is unique and different, so is their relationship to Deity.

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