How to Consecrate a Candle

This is a quick tutorial on how to consecrate an item for use in your magickal workings. The consecrate of magickal tools before a spell working is important for a variety of different reason. Mainly because it cleans the candle/object of residual energies and adds neutral energies for your spell castings/rituals etc. When we consecrate a candle we dedicate it for a magickal purpose.

A lot of people have problems with reusing candles and things like that for mutiple spells. I don’t! I mean what a waste! If the spell doesn’t require you burn the candle How to Consecrate a Candledown or dispose of the candle and you are using the said candle for a black magick purpose or to rid yourself of negative energies then why not?!?!?!

It seems to be one of those things that don’t have a real root in knowledge of Wicca and witchcraft but everyone accepts blindly and accepts. Kinda like the whole DON’T BLOW OUT THE CANDLE thing… Yeah if you feel that way you obviously may have taken it from a pretty ignorant source. That’s why you should read more!

There are many ways to consecrate a candle or object. The simplest way is before charging the candle or object dressing it. Dressing means to anoint the object with oil. You can make a general purpose oil or a Goddess oil for spells that you don’t use a corresponding oil.

There are rituals to consecrate items, special spells, and some people combine blessing/charging/cleansing the items through a ritual they do themselves. If I am get a new item I do a consecration ritual to dedicate the tool for magickal purposes.

A simple way to consecrate and items is to get a bowl of water and some sea salt. Wash the candle with the water and sea salt. While you do this imagine washing away any residual energies. Afterwards anoint the candle with oil.

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