Spell to Change Your Hair Color

You all have been sending in so many wonderful spells. Thanks! Glamor spells usually affect the way others perceived you. This spell is to actually change something and while these spells sometimes work they tend to be hit or miss depending on the witch, and never seem to last longer than a few minutes. This spell was sent in by Amora W. from Lakeside, Michigan. She writes:

This is a spell my gal pals and I did often in our youth. The effects only last for seconds. This spell is hard because it requires strong concentration.

Spell to Change Your Hair ColorWhat You’ll Need:

  • colored candle (the color that you want you hair to be)
  • a white candle
  • a mirror

Sit in a quiet room in front of a mirror. Light the white candle. Spend sometime seeing yourself as your and imagining how you will look with the different hair color. Try to visualize yourself with great detail. Light the colored candle and stare into the flame. When you are ready move your hand from over the white candle to hold your hand directly over the flame of the colored candle (not too close! you don’t want to burn yourself). Cup your hair and as you run your hands over your hair visualize your hair changed.

While this spell doesn’t have to be done during a specific day or moon phase, I would suggest you do this spell on Monday during the waxing moon. This is just a suggestion though! Amora didn’t provide that specific information, so just do what makes sense to you.

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