Spell to Break Up a Couple

By | October 27, 2012

This is a spell I am hesitant to post. Spells like these, even when done with the best of intentions can cause a lot of hurt. If you do this spell you might succeed but remember the basic tenants of the three fold law. Whatever energies you send to me flow back to you three times three. This is a universal law of life and many religions call it many different things but the term most familiar is KARMA. Would you want someone to do this spell on you? I am not going to preach you guys to death, you create your own destiny and have enough common sense to do whats best for you…

What You’ll Need:

  • Cayenne Pepper, Salt, Sage, garlic and oak wood chip
  • crossing oil
  • 2 black candles
  • 1 couple candle
  • a picture of the couple
  • a muslin bag
  • a fire proof dish or receptacle

Spell to Break Up a CoupleDo this spell on a Saturday during the waning moon phase. Anoint the candle with the crossing oil. On the couple candle draw the discord rune or a broken heart symbol on the candle. Light the to black candles and the center candle. Envision the couple with extreme discord in their relationship. After meditating on this for sometime, place set fire to the picture of the couple, as you do this say the following;

“Consequences are nothing to me

This couple is no more as I will it to be

This is my wish so mote it be

I accept my fate three by three”

Place the burning picture into the dish. When it is done place 9 drops of crossing oil onto the ashes of the picture gather the ashes and all the other materials into the bag. Bury the muslin bag into the earth but away from your home. If you can bury one of the black candle stubs in each persons yard. Place the couple candle once it has burned down into the muslin bag.

22 thoughts on “Spell to Break Up a Couple

  1. Katorah

    Just curious how this would work if I wanted to use this spell on my own relationship? Or is there another spell I should be looking for…

  2. jun88

    Yup,where do we get the crossing oil? I cannot find some of the ingredients here,especially the black candles.

  3. annonimus

    my boyfriend and i broke up on july and dan we got back together not so long ago but he is still seeing another girl i wanna put and end to this and make him love me alone..please help out which spell do u think i should use and how is it used?

  4. Just wondering

    Also, what would i exactly do with the Cayenne Pepper, Salt, Sage, garlic and oak wood chip? which candle do i use the crossing oil on? the couple candle or black? thanks!

  5. Just wondering

    Hi, i would like to try this spell, but i read that after using the “crossing oil” you will need to take a bath with uncrossing herbal bath? is this true? if so, would i need to after i do the spell?

  6. Leslie

    What if you don’t know one of the partners name and don’t have a picture of the two of them together?

  7. Becstanies

    Oh one more question-sorry!. I am not able to bury the black candles in their yards, as they do not live near me and I only know where my ex fiance lives if I were to drive the 7 hours to get there, and I do not know where the rebound girl lives! Where is a good place to bury them?

    Thank you!

  8. Becstanies

    Where would you suggest acquiring oakwood chips? is there a substitute by any chance? Also can I substitute the couple candle for one candle with the couples names inscribed on it?
    I hope to be organised to do this spell next weekend, as I cannot take much more of this current situation! :'(
    Many thanks

  9. Ayanda

    How can i bring back my ex-bf in 3days? Please give me steps to do it

  10. dl

    Hi there
    Where do I find crossing oil and what else can I use instead of this?

  11. KK

    I did the spell but am stuck at this point. I’m suppose to bury the muslin bag but I live in an area where the ground is frozen solid for nearly another 2 months. Not to mention the 3 feet of snow above that. What now? What do I do with the bag & 2 black candles? Plus once the ground softens enough, I really don’t have anywhere to bury it. I just finished this spell during the night about 2am & already this morning it seems to be working. He started texting me at 5am & said he wanted to be with me!!! …I was confident that it would work but really didn’t expect it to work so fast. WOW!

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      If you are confident in your inner power spells tend to work faster. Hmm, as far as the bag is concerned you can metaphorically ‘bury’ it, like in a deep place in you closet or a basement, but I really wouldn’t recommend under you bed but for a last resort. I would say keep it in a dark and secure place.

      Good Luck and Blessed Be!

    2. T T

      I see you did this spell sometime ago so I was wondering what your outcome was on this spell? I would really like to try this spell but afraid of the consequences of this spell if it was to backfire on me. I have tried some other spells that are not as strong and he has a strong aura blocking him so its hard to get in so I want to try a stronger spell.

  12. Anonymous

    What if I don’t know the full name of the woman. This woman.knows my husband has 3 young kids and a wife. But still continue relationship to my husband and manipulating him…. I really need this spell to work.

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      If you don’t know the name you can substitute a name that connects you mentally to that person.

      Good Luck, let us know how it turns out and Blessed Be! Thanks so much for visiting the site!

  13. ** amanda **

    i think i have to do this on multiple basis,, soo i don’t think i get bad karma,, since i’m saving the world and myself from spread of STD!!!

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      Well that’s not really your choice and I am certain you don’t know the status of this persons sexual health.

    1. Lady Raven Moon Post author

      The picture should have the couple in it together. If this is not possible (photoshop? facebook?) then writing both their names on a slip of paper one on top of the other will work.

      1. P.Edwards

        Which candle do I anoint? What if I can’t bury the black candles in their yard, because they live together and I don’t know their exact address? Do I draw or carve the broken heart into the candle? Do I put the couple candle in the muslin bag once it has burned out and then bury it? If I can, do I bury the black candles before or after they’ve burned out?


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