Simple Spell Casting Course Review – Is it Legit?

The Simple Spell Casting Course was created by world renown witch Rose Ariadne using the translated works found by her grandmother in an ancient grimoire. As she explains on her website, as her grandmother lay on her death bed she revealed her secrets, (you can also watch the video). This is my review on the product.

The entire system costs $39.95 and you get an amazing amount of spells, information and techniques. This course seems perfect for new witches wanting full access to their powers immediately. Here is the interesting testimonial I read on the website.

“14 Days Later… I Won 75,000 Rands
($9,904 Dollars) On The Draw!”

Dear Rose ,Last year was the toughest year I have ever lived . I had no money. I couldn’t even get anything for my kid for Christmas. I felt so alone. I have a job, but my debts were overwhelming. I used the Midnight Money Spell in your kit. I cast it with all my heart using a cauldron of water and a silver coin. I held the cauldron as the moonlight shined on it. 14 days later, I went gambling with a friend… and I won 75,000 Rands ($9,904 Dollars) on the draw! I couldn’t believe it as I have never won anything in my life. Needless to say, my finances are better now, and my streak of good luck is still going. I can pay my bills freely now.I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

With Love, Catherine (Last Name Withheld)
Johannesburg, South Africa

Simple Spell Casting Course Review - Is it Legit?Here is everything you get.

The Simple Spell Casting System Main Course Manual

The Simple Spell Casting System Checklist

Rose Ariadnes’ eBook of Shadows Software

and more…

This course is for beginner and intermediate witches trying to make their spell casting more effective, faster. This course does a really good job of explaining everything and is beautifully illustrated. Its not a Wiccan course and I did see some slight differences in personal opinion on a few things but on the whole I really enjoyed the program.

You can check out the website:

Here’s the video:

Here’s a free gift:

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  1. Missy says:

    Would you please provide link to where this entire course is available for only $39.95.
    On Rose Ariadne website, it sells for far more, around $300.00
    Thank you.

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