A Spell to Talk to a Cat

This is a spell to speak to your cat. This is definitely one of the cutest pet spells I have and although I personally haven’t tried it; it would be a pity not to include it onto the website!

UPDATE!: I did try this spell and had some wonderful results! My cat doesn’t speak with words. Its more of an understanding. I can hold on to a thought and my little kitty will respond  appropriately. Try this spell! I can say I have tried it and feel really closer with my kitty.

You can watch this video to learn more about communication with you pets (and a lot more!) It will give you even more insight on how to talk and communicate with your little one.

Spell to Talk to a Cat

Who knows you may be speaking to your cat in no time!

For some reason witches seem to be cat owners on the majority. Cats seem olden and wise so maybe that is the draw. I love cats, so maybe I will try this spell to talk to my cat! So here is the spell to talk to your cat!

*Note: This spell only works with cats! Please don’t try this spell with other animals, especially not horses, dogs, birds or reptiles! If you want to try to talk to your other pets you have read my other pet spells!

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Spell to Speak to You Cat

You will need to start this spell by first getting you cat to sit down in front of you as still as possible. Because we know cat-tys like to rub and wander this may be a daunting task already! This may take some some time but it absolutely crucial for the spell to work. Once your cat is completely still get down to eye level with you cat. After you are at eye level stare into your cats eyes. Focus on your cats pupils and clear your mind. Breathe in and out once very deeply. With your index and middle fingers from your writing hand tap your cat on the head three times. Chant this while staring deeply into your cats pupils:

“Tail of rat
Wing of bat
Allow this cat
To chit chat”.

This may seem like a familiar chant, but most of the spells that have these chants don’t have ALL the procedures listed. Only the chant. You will be able to talk with your cat depending on how emotionally and strongly you did the spell. Time varies on how the cat wants it. Usually no more than 7 minutes.

What a cool spell! Make sure you post your results into the comments. Some people are able to talk to their cat, but they can feel the cats emotions and feel the cats can feel theirs as well. I think I will try this spell on my catty, but he may talk my ear off! This is a cute spell none the less, and a great addition to your pet spells good luck!

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Magick is a wonderful gift given to us by mother earth to manifest anything that we want in life. I believe in the power of manifestation, witchcraft and magick, and I know that is real because I used magick every day. For those of you who don’t use magick often, or not at all it is my recommendation after you read a bit more on the subject that you consider getting witchcraft exposed.


Twist the bones
and bend the back.


Trim him of his baby fat.


Give him fur,
black as black.

– Just…
– Like…
– This.

– Open!
– Witches!



  1. Miku says

    i tried it and first she came after me when i say kitty do you want to follow me? and then she just came after me but now i want to pet her and she just dont want it what do i do did i just did something wrong or what??? please help me

    • says

      Merry Meet and thank you for visiting Just Wicca!

      Cats are really unique. Just give her love, attention and time. She will open her heart to you.

      Thank you for stopping by and Blessed Be!

      PS. Find more information on the Witchcraft Forum – after 7 posts you get a free crystal :) Just use the contact form with your username and personal information (Name, address and preferred crystal:)

  2. Kate says

    My kitty tried to run away a few days ago, but I caught him. But ever since then he’s been acting different from his usual docile, well-behaved self. He has been scratching at the door and meowing super loudly all day long for the past two days. I bought him sum special calming, “quiet moments” treats…didn’t work.
    Then I did this spell. I told him that I’m sorry that I keep him cooped up in the house. I know he wants to go outside, but I said I don’t want anyone to take him away from me and I am here to protect him forever, and will never leave him like his past owners did.
    It worked and now he has stopped the incessant meowing and is back to his sweet, quiet self!
    I’m going to keep doing the spell and maybe soon he will get comfortable enough to start talking back….I always said I was a crazy cat lady, but now it’s official! Lol;)

  3. Rhyan says

    I’m not sure I did it right. My cat Yui, even after the spell, remained indifferent to me… in the past I have failed at pretty much every spell I’ve tried to cast, and that’s really shot down my confidence with spell casting. Is that maybe the reason why, I wonder…

  4. Lise says

    I did this spell a few weeks ago. Although i can’t understand my cat any better. It seems that she understands me very clearly. I ask her to come cuddle and she does, tell her to come inside when I’m on the patio and she walks to the door. She cuddles with me all the time to the point where she bulldozes through my arms to get up onto my chest. It’s amazing, she is 14 and has always been aloof.

  5. Winter says

    I did this spell winter my cat butter scoch and i asked a small bag that I put on her off,and she walked over to me and sat down like she was ready to take it off

  6. says

    i tried to do the spell, but he wouldnt look at me. he just kept on lickin his paws. i would move his head to look at me. and he would look at me for about 10 sec. i asked him if he could try to find my lost cat oreo. when i said that he looked at me, like he could understand. idk if it worked plez help

  7. Moonlight Night says

    Hello I was planning on doing this spell and I was wondering how old would you recommend your cat to be before you do it.

    My cat Diego is only 5 months old would that be old enough or should I wait a little longer??

    Many Thanks :) x

  8. Catlover says

    I am going to try this on my cat sprocket I’ve had him since he was just a kitten before he had really fur and he could fit In one hand I am the only one he doesn’t run from and he sleeps with me every night and has since 2005 I hope it works since he doesn’t really sit up much he mostly just lays down
    P.S. I am brand new to this site and I love it so far but how do you do the wicca pen pal

  9. Abby says

    Im going to try this with my cat buster but i am worried because he probably wont hold still! This is also going to be my first spell

  10. victor says

    i did the spell my cat just tried to kill me i did not do the tap head part i tried but i had to hold him to stay calm but he just closed his eyes i think hes tierd well im a new student to white magic soooo

  11. Victoria says

    I tried this with my kitty ash and she got very upset with me and ran off last night and she’s still in hiding in the apartment I live in I guess I have to try again louring my ash kitty out like the little jaguar that he is

  12. Tianna says

    I tried this on two of my three cats. One of them refused to look me in the eyes (not surprising since she has a MUCH closer bond with my brother) and the other one was not in a chatting mood, and refused to sit still. I’m excited to use it on my third cat, mostly because I am curious to what she has to say.

  13. Zach says

    So I tried it on my cat and it worked but i think she was more confused at what was going on than wanting to chat I mean she understood when i said that i loved her and started cuddling up to me and such but i think its going to take a couple trys before she realizes what exactly is going on…

  14. Luna Skye says

    Hi. I am new to the website and may I say Im so glad I found it! Im not exactly new to studying the craft, however, I am new to practicing if that makes sense. I just recently got my sweet new kitten, Isadora, aka Izzy. She is 3 mo old and we already have a close bond. Is she too young to try this spell with?

  15. Christina says

    I tried this on my my cat Pintcher, who I’ve had for ages now and our bond has been growing within the lat few months so I thought I’d try this spell now and see if it could work with a bond intact.
    Anyhow, I tried it and I could and still can feel her presence in away I can feel what she’s feeling and feel her essence in the room. I don’t hear her “talk” but it i send a thought out directed to her she responds or reacts. Um example I sent out ‘stand up’ she stood up, she was doing something she’s not surpose to do I sent out a message telling her to stop and she stopped and looked at me, I sent out ‘come here and sit with me’ and she waddled over to me’
    And now she’ll often come over and just sit or stand close to my face and stare into my eyes..

  16. Yasora says

    my cat Licky completely got panicked when i did the spell! He walked awy slowly and went to sleep on my balcony! Now are bond has distanced. :( He loved me alot and now he’s a bit scared of me. :( HELP!!

  17. Brigid says

    Didn’t work! Nothing whatsoever when i said hello, called his name, or said “I love you” (telepathically, of course). he sort of got annoyed and walked away. Oop, he’s back and just licked my leg, though, and is meowing, but thats normal. However, I never do spells so I probably did something wrong haha! Plus he’s just past kitten hood and all, so he’s probably too active and not open to humans as much yet. We’ve had him for about a year and a half.

  18. Brigid says

    Okay, I have no idea why I’m doing this, but I am. I dont do magick, but ive been a bit interested recently. I’m just going to so I can see what’s going on in my three y/o cat’s brain. GAh I don’t know I just need to do this ill comment back later. Eeeee~

    • Anon says

      Please be polite. If you do not believe, that is fine, but don’t disrespect our way of life, even a religion to some. Honestly, that is possibly one of the most rude, insulting things you could say, ever- and if you don’t believe, why did you comment? Why are you here? What’s the point? And if you think that you’re ‘cooler’ now, you aren’t. You are a close-minded idiot. Shut up- no one cares. They will never like you or care about you. STOP.

    • Amalthia Silverlight says

      If you choose not to believe then that’s fine but if so then why go on helpful sites like this being so disrespectful?

  19. lily waterspring says

    I have tried the spell but stormy (my cat) wouldn’t stay in front of me.What should i do?
    please help me i have been studing wicca to find out more information about spells.

    p.s.i have no done a spell befor.

  20. says

    Dammit! My cat passed away last month. When i read the spell i was like X(. But later i was like :(. I really loved my cat but even she had to die one day like every living thing does.

  21. Blue Papermoon says

    This will be my very first spell, is it a good beginners spell? I will comment the results in a bit.

  22. kiva says

    I like that spell I cant wait to try it on my cat.I think it would work since we already have a kind of bond between us.I found her when I was ringing in the new years by my aunt.She came from a litter of strays and my aunt would feed them.We played with her a bit but she was skittish.I remeber looking at her that night and pleading with my mum with tears in my eyes to keep her.I was seventeen then.She told me if the cat came back in the morning when we were leaving then she could come with us.That night I took the her up and carried her away from my family,I stroked her head and gazed into her eyes and asked her if she wanted to come home with me I described the life she would have and told her to come in the morning.That night she spent sleeping under a car next to the house,until we set off some really loud fireworks and she disappeared.In the morning me and my sis went outside looking for her we had searched the entire area and could not find her.I sighed and asked out loud where are you?next thing I know she walks up to me and sit infront of my feet and looked into my eyes.We have been together for a year now her and my puppy are just as inseparable.They both sleep next to me,watch tv together heck we even eat together.I really cant wait to try this.
    ps.I tried a protection spell on my pup and she wanted to run away from me,I also at the same time did a healing spell she also did not seem to like that.Any suggestions.

  23. maria says

    i dnt know much about wicca and ive never really cast a spell before do u think i would hav to learn more about the history before i can cast this spell for it to work

  24. Erika says

    I have two beautiful rescue cats (I like to think of them as kittens), Salem & Keke. I am not quite a Wiccan but I have always felt the craft calling me. I look forward to doing the spell. I do have a question off subject. I have been very blessed my whole life with understanding/ communicating with just about any animal I come across, can you tell me how this is possible? My whole life my family has called me the beast master, I know this to be a blessing but I want to know where it comes from. Sorry to be so wordy but I want to become a practicing Wiccan, I just don’t know how to go about learning properly, I would love any suggestion…. Fy-I live in Houston, Tx.
    Also, thank you for this beautiful website.

    • says

      I’m not quite a Wiccan either. I think people can do wonders just by asking the Universe for what they want but sometimes we need tools to get the job done.

      I know powerful meditators who manifest what they want in this reality through meditation alone. \

      We really are powerful beings. Its my hope that you all learn to use the power of intention, along with hard work and common sense to manifest whatever it is that you guys want because you deserve it!

      I love that you have such a connection to animals. :) I think thats amazing! If you are interested in Wicca I would say start by learning the basics. You can get books online or from the library.

      Also I would suggest watching the Secret and meditating daily… this is a good start for learning about why magick and intention works and the path.. your path will kinda unfold itself to you.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about the site. I really want to make the site even more of a resource for anyone who wants it. So thank you so much. :)

  25. Kat says

    i was already able to speak to my cat somewhat, we could understand each other through english. she can understand english, i dont have to do all that cutey small talk and stuff.
    i just tried the spell, is it normal for your cat to go completely quiet and still right after u say the spell?
    also ive been able to get her attention a lot better now, and shes been more affectionate without me having to do anything

    i am sorry for the loss of ur cat, be blessed )O(

    • says

      Thank you for your condolences. Most people feel more connected to their cat after this spell. So yeah at least with this spell the results seem really consistent that your bond grows deeper.

      You can modify any spells to met your given needs.

      Blessed Be and Thank you so much for visiting the site! :)

  26. Skye says

    I did this today with my boyfriends cat and he fell asleep lol but he did reach out his paw and cup my index finger and held onto my finger in a way! He is acting himself but every time I move it’s like he notices more!! I believed it worked and know it takes time for the change.

    • says

      It has worked! You two seem much more connected and that to me indicates success! Lucky! My cat recently passed. Good Luck to you!

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  27. says

    i’m going to try this with one of my cats Milly. I already feel like we have a great bond. She usually follows me around and stuff :3 hope it works and i’m sorta new to all this, plus i’m a preteen o3o

  28. Anonymous says

    im a beginner but i know a spell if u feel in troubil, say this 3, 6, or 9 times.

    i am a violet of violet fire the purety that god desires

    say this out loued though or the spell will not work

  29. Lexi says

    Well, my cat Safari, my precious little one, would not sit nor stay still I followed her gaze though and repeated the chant for about a minute. I hope it works! Wish me luck. If it doesn’t work this time I will try until it does work!

  30. selena says

    hey!does my cat have to be sitting down to do this?…he lays ,he doesnt sit that much…my cat (Bobby) is very lazy..:3

  31. Lyzzi says

    I am very new to the craft (bout three weeks now, yay!) and I performed this spell two days ago with my kitten, Midnight. We don’t so much communicate as we do understand. She actually comes and sits with me now whereas before she would barely sit down long enough to pet her (which made the spell quite hard might I add!) It’s hard to describe, but I feel as if I feel what she is feeling and vice versa. Hard to describe, but most definitely an amazing feeling. I have never felt more in tune or had a better bond with any other animal. Thank you so much for this spell. Blessed be <3

  32. Evony says

    I think it worked. My cat can’t talk, but she seems to be able to understand me and I can kind of feel what she wants to say. I think I made her depressed since I asked her if she knew where our other cat (who went missing today) was…

    • Lyzzi says

      I was raised Catholic and am becoming a witch now. In my research I have read about many witches who still believe in God, go to church and receive communion while in the craft. I personally do not believe it to be a problem. I just don’t suggest casting any spells during mass =P Blessed be <3

  33. Samantha Arnold says

    OMG both of my cats, Lois and Clark, won’t sit down either! And how do they respond? Is it like telepathy or something?

  34. sydney says

    i really want to try this on my cat kia (kya)! but for some reson im scared to do it! i dont know why!!!! oh ya, do they talk to you or do they just respond to what they say? pelase reply!!!!

    • Poppy 2 says

      My cat Pepper is very energentic (she just won’t sit like cat person) and curious I know that she copys me cause she watches me turn on the sink so when I came home from California (for a week but someone came to check on her daily.) she turned on the sink and flooded my room does this mean that she’s smart enough? PS I can’t tell if I have a good bond with her but just in case is there a way to make it stronger?

  35. Rush says

    I have a cat named Salicstia. I’m not a wiccan, but when I first got her she had a horrible accident, shes black and white and it was dark in the stairway. My friend stepped on her and crushed her back legs and lower back. She couldn’t walk and she couldn’t stop crying. I’m a waterbender, I can heal. So I did what I needed to do. She was running around the next day. I’m not that strong of healer but somehow I saved her life. No one knows about my healing powers except for my master and a few others who had similiar powers. Do you think me and her have a strong enough bond? I’m going to try either way, but I hope it works.

    • says

      I am sorry to hear about her accident! What did you do? I am sure the others would love to know! I think because you saved her life you and her do have a bond. Cats and animals in general have good memories.

      @BallisticJW Blessed Be!

      • Rush says

        Its ok she was perfectly fine and is still going strong. And what I did was got a cup of water put my hands in it then placed them over her back where she couldnt move then I meditated for a bit and concentrated every bit of power I had into my hands so I could heal her. I did this for about 10 minutes then left her alone for the night. When the next day came it was as if the whole thing never happened. I’m not really that strong so I didn’t really understand that much on how she could just run around and jump around like nothing. I can use the same technique on people too. I thought as much that we would have a stronger bond. I love her alot and she knows it ^_^

  36. Geckonator says

    I’m gonna do this with Kremen, my cat! I need to get a spell to turn into a cat and I feel that she knows with her wisdom.

  37. daylightdreaming says

    When i did the spell my cat randomly started being stubborn ! I was calling her and then patting her but she wasnt doing what i said. As soon as i said ‘chit chat’ bella “my cat” ran to the other side of the couch ! i was amazed. she is usually really good.! ): i wish i could talk to her .. <3
    thankyou anyway !
    im only just starting wiccan that might be why :)

  38. jordan says

    i tryed it but they wouldnt hold still and when they did and i got the spell out one spazed out threw her butt in the air and ran to the floor and rolled around on it the other got mad and stuff and is now rolling all over my bed . . . which they do all the time . . . so idk . . .

  39. Savannah says

    i THINK I DID IT!! as soon as i finished the chant i thought i love you max (my cat) and he walks over and starts to rub against and starts to lick me and i thought i herard a very very faint whisper but it as to faint to make it out.

  40. sapphire dolphin says

    Advanced not in animal communication ( i do it ona regular basis because i work with animals) don’t expect salem from sabrina to stop yapping to you, animals speak to the mind and third eye, as it is also easiest for you to talk back with your mind NOT with your mouth. Aswell, you can use this method with another animals (more so dogs cats rabbits rats etc, reptiles tend to not bond in the same way)

    Hold your forehead against theirs while at the same time invisioning a circle of white light around you, next close your eyes if you haven’t already done so and concentrate on replicating the breaths of your animal, once you are fairly in sync (a panting dog is hard to mimic lol) send a message via your mind to your animal friend and outloud say: “Goddess who has gifted me the grace of this presence in my life allow us to communicate to furture our bond and connection” next open your eyes and step back use your mind to give your friend a command and see what happens.

  41. Chezume says

    I have actually tried this about several months ago. And I will say that it did work for me. I tried it on three cats to be precise. One was a kitten, so that didn’t work because it was too young and the other two were my black and orange cats. It did not work with my Black Tom, but it did work with my Orange Molly.

    I was very surprised at first, but I even asked her why it did not work with my Black Tom. She told me quote for quote, “Because he is either a bit dumb, or he just does not have a strong bond with you.”

    The Orange Molly is not originally my cat, but my sister’s. And because the Orange Molly, chose me to have a certain bond with, I was able to talk to her. So, really in order to get this to work. You must have a full bond with your cat. Because honestly, I raised the black tom from a bottle fed kit, and I apparently did not have a strong bond with him, like I did with my sister’s cat, who I helped give birth to her first litter of kits.

    • says

      What a great story and I do believe it has to do with the level of intelligence the animal may possess but also not really. My friends cat doesn’t send me thoughts in full sentences more like… food… play… ball…

      @BallisticJW Blessed Be!

  42. Fuzzikins says

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this and had it work… I don’t need it. I communicate rather well with my cat Tudy but my friend could benifit from it.

    • says

      I don’t this is the type of spell that would require more than one person. But all the spells on this website can be reused and rewritten to suit your needs.

    • says

      You know I still haven’t had a chance to try this spell! I think we may have a closer connection with our cat, and maybe are able to interpret them better. Or maybe I am looking to much into it and its a spell to literally talk with your animal! Its all a matter of perspective!

  43. storm says

    hey did this work? i am a starter wiccan and i need lots of info. i am thinking of trying this on wensday at 3:00 on kirby my cat. im the only one that can hear him right? lotsa love, storm

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