Spell to Open Someone’s Heart

There are many times in our life where we close our hearts or others close their hearts to us. This could be due to childhood abuse, a bad break-up, s

Spell to Open Your Third Eye

This is a very easy spell to open your third eye. This spell is very helpful in helping in the activation of the third eye chakra.  Your third eye ch

Spell to Walk Through Walls

This spell to walk through walls was submitted by Lorna Celt and its intended purpose is for you to walk through walls. For me, this is only something

Spell to Ward Off Negativity

This spell is to ward of negativity. This could include almost anything from gossip about you to general negative thoughts or emotions. This is anothe

Wiccan Magic Health Spell for Health and Happiness

Magic health spells can be used for many things from healing the mind to healing the body. You can find more wiccan healing spell for free on this sit

Black Magick Money Spell to Increase Finances

Are you curious about black magick? Can you use black magick money spells and receive good luck? There is a lot of information on the web about 'black

spell to have prophetic dreams

Most of us are curious about the dream state and this spell to have prophetic dreams helps to abate that curiosity. The dream plane is a wonderful pla

Wiccan Spell to Heal Pain Fast

Looking for a spell to heal pain fast? Read this wiccan spell to get rid of physical pain and I do have a huge amount of wiccan healing spells but thi

Flower of Light Magic Healing Spell

This is another re-write of a classic wiccan spell that uses the flower of light. I take the time to re-write old spells because I believe that the mo

VooDoo Healing Spell

This ancient voodoo healing spell had been posted everywhere on the internet. This is my version of this super common voodoo healing spell and it is t

Spell for Improved Memory & Concentration

This is an updated version of a common spell for improved memory and concentration. This spell has been posted everywhere through the years and I want

Gold Cord Spell for Healing

This spell for healing is really simple. I first read about this spell for healing when I first got into witchcraft and did not have the supplies or m

Wiccan Spell to Feel Better Fast!

This is a wiccan spell to feel better faster. This spell is useful when battling a cold or minor illness. This spell is not meant to replace tradition

Celeste’s Spell to Get Pregnant

Sometimes we are ready for a family but are unable to start one. This spell is very special and was emailed to me by a dear friend I haven't heard fro

Spell to Make Him Dream of Me

We all want to be someone's dream. The person he thought he could never get. I can imagine my dress on my wedding day... I dream of it often. This is

Spell to Make Someone Contact You

Have you ever wish that someone you loved would suddenly come back into your life? Then try this spell to make someone contact you. Sometimes we lose

Spell to Astral Project

I am posting my first effective spell to astral project. This spell works easiest if you already have a daily meditation routine and have a lot of con

Spell to Let Go of the Past

Do you need a spell to let go of the past? My spell to let go of the past is can be used to let go of a situation, memory, feeling or person. This sp

Spell to Get Money

This spell is to bring more money into your life. This spell to get money is very near and dear to my heart because it comes from my first book of sha

Spell to Live Forever

Have you ever wondered is there a spell to live forever? Will you.. still be you... in the future? Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone we loved could l

Wiccan Spell to Lose Weight

This wiccan spell to lose weight is my second most popular wiccan weight loss spell on Just Wicca. I have this spell to lose weight and this pink cand

Wiccan Spell for Happiness (For Others or Self!)

Are feeling down? Looking for a wiccan spell for happiness? Then try this spell for happiness and be amazed at how soon you start to feel better! This